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Roni´s Thinking Games - Episode #4: The bag

by Toc for Education  

This is the fourth episode from the series called Roni´s Thinking Games, which is based on the Theory of Constraints thinking tools. The short animation uses simple cause and effect games to help think creatively and clearly. Teaching children and adults the Thinking Processes allows them to link between actions and consequences and create new and better solutions in daily situations; to develop self - control over impulsive behavior; and foster interpersonal skills.

Episode #4: Roni and Anna want to take their bikes out for a ride, but Anna doesn´t want to leave her dolls inside. If Anna hold her dolls, so they won´t be alone, then what would happen?...Let´s think, do you have an idea? How can Anna hold her dolls While riding her bike, making sure not to fall?

Duration: 2 minutes
Level of knowledge
  • Introductory
  • Personal development
  • Thinking Processes
TOC Applications:
  • Current Reality Tree
  • Future Reality Tree / Negative Branch
  • Thinking Processes
  • Education
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