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Feature-Driven Development

This session provides paradigm shifting thinking in software management. Feature driven development based on a TOC software engineering solution with Lean and Six Sigma.

David J. Anderson
47 minutes
From "Push" to "Pull" Titan Watch Division

This presentation focuses on 2 key challenges faced during the TOC implementation at Titan Watch Division, a large retail chain in India and the 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world: (1) how do you approach a giant company like Titan who holds ...

J. Murali
Roei Raz
29 minutes
Keeping correct inventory levels – Buffer Management

In this extract from the Goldratt's Strategy and Tactics for MTS to MTA Goldratt presents and explains the concepts behind Buffer Management as the robust mechanism to adjust inventory targets, ensuring relatively low levels of inventory coupled wi ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
17 minutes
Available in: English Español
Decrease Stress AND Increase Quality of Care BY Increasing Throughput

Gijs presents the significant opportunity that hospitals have to increase their performance, if they implement some TOC operational solutions to reduce the time patients stay in hospitals. He shares his experience in getting buy-in from stakeholders ...

Gijs Andrea
49 minutes

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