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1. Operations - DBR and Buffer Management

How can we replicate Alex Rogo's achievements described in the book, The Goal? The key lies in the ability to transform production from the prevailing cost-world mentality into the common sense approach of the throughput-world mentality to deduce the ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
5 min
How to Make Buffers Your Friends

Buffers are a common response to variation. Like variation, they are everywhere, including in project plans. Many people feel a conflict in project management between predictability, which requires safety time or “buffers”; and motivation, which ...

Robert C. Newbold
29 min
Procurement innovation for win-win-win

"Suppliers can not change if we do not change first." To change the relationship between Nagahama Canon and its supplier, the company initiated in 2005 F-Project (the trigger of innovation) and three years later TOC (to focus for immediate action to ...

Toshiaki Nishizima
60 min
The TOC way of improvement - an introduction

In this video Dr. Goldratt provides an introduction to the TOC way of improvement. He shows the usage of the Strategy and Tactic Tree, and presents an example of the cause and effect logic on how to successfully go about implementation.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
45 min
Available in: English Español
DBR implementations in multiple distribution centers

Case study for TOC DBR implemenation at Intel's distribution centers (factory warehouses and distribution centers). Includes pull for TPS/ Lean & SPC (statistical process control) and reporting tools, and summary of results achieved.

C. Grant Lindsay
35 min

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