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Complex Systems, TOC, and the Search for Inherent Simplicity

by Steven Holt  

The question that Steven Holt poses is, whether "making sense of the world, so that we can operate within it" and "finding the inherent simplicity, in order to live a full life" are two sides of the same coin. He starts by defining Ordered, Chaotic and Complex Systems as part of the so called Cynefin framework. He then shows how such model can help make sense of the synergy between various methods and tools (e.g., TOC, Lean, Six Sigma) when used in their appropriate context. This understanding can significantly help to understand how to approach companies and individuals with the concepts and solutions of TOC. Steven uses the TOC Project Management solution as an example to illustrate this and shows how the Thinking Processes and the Five Focusing Steps fit the framework. As such, he shows why TOC methods are successful in complex environments and provide insight into finding Inherent Simplicity to making sense of the world.

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Duration: 66 min
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Level of knowledge
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  • Change Management/Buy-In
  • TOC, Lean & Six Sigma
TOC Applications:
  • Thinking Processes
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