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The TOC Thinking Processes Basics Workshop

by Vicky Mabin  

Vicky Mabin presents an introduction too the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes. She shows how each tool fits together and how they should be applied. Shares how the Thinking Processes enable us to bring the parts together to see the whole and pinpoint the few changes that are improvements. Vicky goes through the questions of change, the logic basics and rules (the so called Categories of Legitimate Reservation), the different tools like the Current Reality Tree, the Evaporating Cloud, the Prerequisite Tree or IO Map, the four pillars of TOC and the TP Road Map. Last but not least, Vicky makes an overview on managing change, harnessing resistance and the TOC thinking processes.
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Duration: 78 min
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Level of knowledge
  • Introductory
  • Thinking Processes
TOC Applications:
  • Current Reality Tree
  • Evaporating Cloud
  • Pre-requisite Tree / IO Map
  • Thinking Processes
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