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Freezing projects

Level of TOC knowledge: Advanced
TOC Application, New development, TOC Certification Reference for:
Project Management, Change Management/Buy-In, Ongoing Improvement
TOC Applications: Critical Chain, Strategy & Tactic Tree, Buffer Management
Industry: Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Public sector, Services, Aerospace


This video presents the solution to quickly reduce the number of open projects to be more inline with better flow and throughput.

This is an excerpt from the Goldratt's Strategy and Tactics program for Project Management.

Length: Full Video: 13min
Language: English
Format: DVD, OnDemand internet video streaming, Download

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Aditional Information:

TOC Tools for Project Management

Goldratt's Strategy and Tactic for Project Management
A step-by-step resource on How To implement CCPM. As Strategy and Tactic was created to show all necessary steps along the process, it presents the implementation in a logical, common sense way such as found in The Goal. Meant to address any reservations or concerns, the logical pattern presented by Dr. Eli Goldratt is thorough and leaves little room for misunderstanding.
Formats: DVD or Online Streaming.
Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
GSP on Project Management and Engineering - Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development
Projects (especially in multi-project environments) have characteristics which drastically differentiate them from production. Listen in 2.5 hours as Dr. Goldratt presents what to change (the problem) and what to change to (the solution) in order to finish projects ahead of time, within the allotted budget and without compromising on the content. This tool is ideal for a company implementation and can be used for an unlimited number of users and viewing.
Formats: DVD or Online Streaming
Languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Estonian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.
Self Learning Program on Project Management and Engineering
This tool is designed for a single-user, it allows the individual to learn about CCPM and study the material over and over at their own speed. Dr. Goldratt explains the core conflict in project management, being caught between a rock and a hard place, and then he reveals the TOC solution, providing ways to stop bad multi-tasking, and how to schedule and set priorities with Critical Chain and buffer management.
Formats: CD-Rom
Languages: English, Spanish, Czech and Portuguese.
TOC Insights into Project Management
This session will deepen your understanding of Critical Chain Project Management. Created by Dr. Goldratt and Rami Goldratt, the TOC Insights program is organized to answer in sequence the following five questions: Why to change?, What needs to be changed?, What to change it to?, How to cause the required change? , and How to keep it as a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI)? This tool is ideal for individuals and/or groups, and can work independent of or in tandom with the accompanying TOC Self Learning Program sessions.
Formats: Download, Online, Client-Server
Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian

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