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Strategy & Tactics for managing multi projects
by Frans-Jan Buters
Language: English
TOC and Drucker's Management Philosophy
by Toshiharu Katsura
Language: English
HP Digital Camera Group
by Randy Hergett
Language: English
Adapting CCPM To The Indian Context
by Harish Chawla, Vishesh Nargotra
Language: English
Sustaining high profitability
by Satyashri Mohanty, Sudhir Deoras
Language: English
TOC implementation experience at Royal Pipe Systems
by Helmut Hock
Language: English
To Whom and When the Buy-in is required (It´s not only a Buy-in issue transforming an organization)
by Dee Jacob
Language: English
Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt: Uncertainty
by Yishai Ashlag
Language: English
Why CRM Sucks!
by Justin Roff-Marsh
Language: English
The TOC initiative at Medgars Evers College to reduce student attrition - A progress report
by Dr. Umesh P. Nagarkatte
Language: English
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