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Developing Local Operational Indicators and Money Buffers

Oded shows some practicalities of combining the TOC logistical solutions with the financial side of them. He presents the approach he has developed to address the pressures of the financial measurements when implementing the TOC operational solutions ...

Oded Cohen
84 minutes
Building and communicating a Negative Branch Reservation (NBR)

Dr. Goldratt clearly explains how to build and communicate the TOC thinking process methodology called Negative Branch Reservation (NBR). He uses a working example to showhow to write and present the detailed logic that connects an idea to its probab ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
35 minutes
Integrating TOC with Systems and OR/MS Methods

This presentation assesses TOC as a complete methodology, compares it with other systemic methodologies, and makes suggestions for new directions for TOC. Presented during the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCIC ...

John Davies
44 minutes
TOC Distribution - Pushing the BOK

TOC Distribution Solution applied to a $7b international retailer and brand and to a $30m US distributor and a $9b manufacturer. Yes, the same method works equally well for both. Risk factors are concentrating on the solution over getting buy-in, t ...

Gerald Kendall
88 minutes
100 Kids 100 Clouds 100 Days

Children are faced with many challenges in their lives today. Parents and teachers cannot be with them all the time.  A special Community Project with 3 schools to teach 100 kids the Cloud thinking tool and use it f ...

Khaw Choon Ean
51 minutes

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