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Managing high touch-time environments in S-DBR

This presentation targets the following environments: Production plants The touch time is higher than 20% of the lead time Usually the total lead time is quite long (weeks and more) The solution is based on S-DBR adapted with some ...

Amir Schragenheim
56 minutes
Managing the "Long Tail" problem in Distribution and Retail

This video explains the source of the long tail distribution that results from a growing number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and customers required to increase sales in a consumer goods environment. The business potential of dealing with such tails ...

Puneet Kulraj
Satyashri Mohanty
53 minutes
Boeing Commercial Airplanes - TOC Case Study

Case study of the Application of Critical Chain Project Management to the Design of Large Commercial Aircarft at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Presented during the TOCICO Annual Conference (Las Vegas, November 2007).

Steven Holt
29 minutes
Available in: English Русский

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